Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom opened it's doors July 15, 1899. You can only imagine how much entertainment history has been made inside it's wooden frame. When naming this establishment, the word casino didn't mean gambling like it does to us today. In fact, the word casino is Italian for 'summer house'. The top floor of the casino had sleeping rooms for employees, and a suite of rooms made available to summer renters. The second floor was for dancing, live music, and there was a spacious dining room. The bottom floor had another dining room, two bowling alleys, and a billiard and two pool tables. Behind the building was were the recreational activities were held; baseball and tennis. Over the years, much has changed for the Casino, except, that it is still used for entertainment. Thousands of bands, and artists have played there. I have seen several concerts there, and not once have I heard a bad review for the joint. But after this morning, the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom is in jeopardy of closing it's doors.

Early this morning, a fire broke out on the second floor of the casino, which houses the 'Purple Urchin' restaurant. The flames have been put our thanks to the firefighters. An investigation will be underway soon to find out how the fire started. But, it's been reported that the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom has been affected, and they are not sure when or if they will reopen. Chase Rice was going to be playing there October 22, and Scotty McCreery was set to play November 4th.

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