Am I going to start ANOTHER post with talking about how no area in the country looks out for its own better than New England?

You're darn skippy. Because it's true, and I'll wait here while you try to convince me otherwise.

Let's just look to even more proof -- this time, involving someone who helps protect us day in and day out. In case you missed the headlines last week, WMUR reported that New Hampshire State Trooper Matthew Merrill was shot in the line of duty last week while exchanging gunfire with a man in Dalton, New Hampshire, during a traffic stop. The man did not make it, and Trooper Merrill is still recovering from wounds suffered.

Obviously, when you stay in the hospital for an extended period of time and need procedures after being shot, the hospital bills are going to be pretty high. Add on top of that Trooper Merrill spent Christmas Eve and Day laid up in a hospital room, and it wasn't a banner end to 2020 for Trooper Merrill and his family.

Until the community stepped in. According to WMUR, he day after Christmas, the New Hampshire Troopers Association set up a GoFundMe page to benefit Trooper Merrill, who is an 8-year New Hampshire State Police veteran, according to the GoFundMe. Within the first couple of days, $130,000 had already been raised to help Trooper Merrill and his family with his recovery.

It's honestly been amazing to see all of the struggles that everyone has gone through all year long -- losing jobs, unexpected medical bills, everything -- and it's almost as if the amount of giving to strangers has increased.

Here's hoping this generosity and charity continues after the holidays and 2020 wrap up, and well into the future. And here's hoping Trooper Merrill (and his family, for that matter, since this has to take its toll on them, too), all have a full and speedy recovery. Thank you for all you do.

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