Graduating seniors at Massabesic High School and Greely High School didn't get a traditional ceremony, but at least they got a parade. According to WMTW, the powers-that-be at both Massabesic in Waterboro, Maine and Greely in Cumberland, Maine threw parades for the Class of 2020 on Sunday, June 7th.

In WMTW's video, you can see many people in the communities of each town showed up to support and congratulate the high school seniors. Many of the seniors wore their caps and gowns.

Massabesic's graduating seniors did a drive-by parade in their town, while people cheered from the streets with balloons, confetti and streamers, as you can see in the video. Greely High School did the opposite, with students lining the town's streets, and people driving by in their cars.

Graduation is a celebration every student should have. So, here are five things parents can do for their kids.

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