Have you seen the new Star Wars show on Disney+ called "The Mandalorian"?

Even if you haven't, you're probably pretty familiar with a character on the show that's become its own meme: Baby Yoda.

It's a cute, pointy-eared, green little creature shrouded in mystery but so adorable that you just want to pick it up and take it home.

That said, this Mainer named Lashaya DiBattista shared with the Facebook group Everything Maine a photo and video of the cutest little lobster she found.

It's like the Baby Yoda of Maine lobsters, right?

Just watch it stretch its tiny little claws in the video.

Lashaya said on the Facebook post to the group that she didn't keep the miniature creature and that it's safe under a rock in the ocean.

And one day that little creature will grow up into a regular-sized Yoda lobster.

Have you ever seen anything like this baby lobster before in person?

It's certainly fascinating to see all the rare-colored lobsters that pop up from time to time in New England waters like the cotton-candy one (which you can see here) or this one that's practically albino (which you can see here) or this calico one (which you can see here.)

But they just don't seem to hold a candle to this orange and brown little guy that could certainly hang with Baby Yoda in the cuteness department.

Agree? Disagree? Have you seen something that's just as adorable as Baby Yoda? Let us know!

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