Looks like someone parking at the Maine Mall missed all the lines. We're still trying to figure out a good reason for this to occur.

Townsquare Media

This car each tire in a different space in front of Ulta at the Maine Mall. This parking area is highly sought after as it is the closest walk to the Food Court entrance of the mall. People will circle the lot several times waiting to grab one of these premium spots. This person grabbed four at once.

Townsquare Media

Here's our theory. Maybe, just maybe, they parked here during the storm and couldn't see the lines and when the snow melted and the mall opened, they looked like jerks. Either way, they must have been pretty busy not to come back after two parking tickets, what appears to be a note and a third ticket that was being written after this picture was taken.

Maybe it was an employee who was working at the mall and got a ride home from someone in the worst of the storm after parking and not seeing the lines?

We're trying here to give them the benefit of the doubt, but it's a struggle.