Wanna be on Mom's good side?


Then you're gonna want to take a trip to THE bakery in the Lewiston Auburn area - The Italian Bakery. Last year their cannoli stuffed strawberries damn near broke the internet, and they are back just in time for Mother's Day.


This is last year's Facebook post - but I have it on good authority, that the strawberries that changed several lives WILL be back this year.

Did you miss out last year? I mean, we were pretty distracted by that pesky pandemic. But we've got this coronavirus thing down now. No way a pandemic is stopping us from getting these amazing life changing cannoli stuffed strawberries THIS year!

A couple of ways of playing this. A) you become the favorite of mom (even though you know you are anyway) and buy her a bunch of these delights or B) you yourself, Mom, go and get these. That guarantees that you get something you want if you just pick them up yourself. Then lock yourself in the bathroom, claim to have a terrible stomach virus and stay in there an hour...alone. Just you and a 6 pack of these Italian Bakery delights! I promise I won't tell anyone.


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