Chances are, you've heard about The Masked Singer, the new TV show on Fox that is the highest rated show on television so far this year. Well, it just so happens that we have our own version of it...the HOM Morning Show Masked Singer! You see, I have a friend, who is a local public figure, and just so happens to be a talented singer. I never knew about his hidden talent until he recently shared some of his recordings with me. He agreed to let us play them on the air, and with that, our version of the show was born!

We've played multiple clips of his recordings all this week, and had lots of people call with guesses. We've been giving away tickets to see Vocatave at the Merrill Auditorium to people just for guessing! We've also given several hints, including the fact that he's in his 20s, is a sharp dresser, and can often be seen on TV. Tomorrow, we'll give listeners one more chance to guess his identity, before he joins us live on the show for the big reveal. So tune in tomorrow morning at 8 to listen to one more clip, take a guess, and learn the identity of the HOM Morning Show Masked Singer!

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