Time to rally the troops and get one of our own back home safely, Mainers!

Late last night, we received a message in the inbox to our Facebook page from a listener who asked for help on spreading the word about a missing teen out of Auburn, and we want to make sure we do our part to get her home as safe as possible, as soon as possible!

Ashli Dube
Ashli Dube

Linda Cabral reportedly missing from Auburn, Maine

According to the message we received last night from listener Ashli Dube, Linda Cabral is a 14-year-old from Auburn with shoulder-length pink hair and a love for makeup (which means odds are she's wearing some in a fashion similar to her picture.) She's about 5-feet tall and carries a small anime backpack everywhere she goes and always wears combat boots, which means she should have both the boots and backpack on her.

According to Ashli's message, Linda's phone is off and her mother, Danielle L'Heureux, is desperate for her to return home safely. No information about where she was seen last or maybe wearing right now was provided, but if you have seen Linda or know where she may be or was seen last, now is the time to share!

While nothing has been posted as of yet by the Auburn Police Department, the message asks to reach out to Auburn PD with any information you may have at 207-333-6650, or 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).

You have the info, now let's get Linda safely home back to Auburn to her mom and family, and let's be able to have to make an edit to this story that says "FOUND" at the top.

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