It sounds so silly but it isn't. One of the United States fastest growing issues is the rapidly expanding population of feral hogs and domestic pigs turned wild. Once considered strictly a midwestern issue, feral hogs have been expanding their territory and according to Buxton Police, now warrant the attention of Mainers because of just how dangerous and destructive they can be.

How destructive you ask? Well, feral hogs are responsible for more than a billion dollars worth of damage to property every year in the United States. Beyond property damage, the hogs just don't play well with other species, potentially doing irreversible damage to sensitive habitats leaving the species that rely on those habitats in danger.


Feral hogs can also be incredibly dangerous to human beings. Feral hogs are known to be aggressive and just as Buxton Police posted this warning on their Facebook page, a story broke out of Texas where a woman was killed by a group of feral hogs leaving work. That is an extreme case, but shows the potential danger and threat that feral hogs can bring.

This also isn't a Buxton-only issue. Feral hogs could be anywhere across Maine and if you see them, you are encouraged to call (207) 629-5178 with details on the sighting.

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