Old Port Spirits and Cigars located on Commercial Street in Portland shared a very touching message that truly highlights the heart and soul of the city of Portland.

In Old Port Spirits and Cigars' Facebook post they said they had been vandalized during the recent protests. They noted that they didn't believe this was done by people who hold the same values they hold. That the act of breaking their glass wasn't a reflection of the city they knew and loved.

Enter Legion Square Market. Unprompted and out of the kindness of their hearts, they sent Old Port Spirits and Cigars a check to help with the damages reminding not only Old Port Spirits and Cigars of the good nature and positive spirit of this area but the rest of us too.

Google Maps
Google Maps

You can read their post on Facebook here.

May we all be a little kinder today and in the days going forward. Thank you to Legion Square Market for leading by example and Old Port Spirits and Cigars for sharing.

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