Have you ever been scrolling through your social media feed, whether it's Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and come across a meme that's actually not just something to make you laugh, but gives some kind of information that makes you go, "hmm...?"

Did you know John Krasinski is a local New England guy?

Fans have loved and even become a bit obsessed with John Krasinski since he played the role of Jim on The Office. And here's an even bigger reason to love him -- According to the official website for the Copley House, John is actually from the Boston-suburb Newton, Massachusetts. Which makes total sense considering the demand he had on the set of A Quiet Place back in 2018 is totally New England-hearted.

There is a viral meme on Instagram about John and 'A Quiet Place'

If you haven't seen A Quiet Place yet, or even A Quiet Place Part II, without spoiling anything, it surrounds a family that has to live in relative silence in order to stay alive from creatures that kill anything that they can hear. The meme making the rounds on the socials right now references John fighting for a deaf actress to be cast, as well as demanding that everyone on-set learned sign language.

Not only was Millicent cast in the role of Regan, but it was actually her that taught her fellow castmates sign language.

 According to The Hollywood Reporter, that meme is 100% true and not a fabrication or exaggerated. The script always called for a deaf character, but it was John that fought for Millicent Simmonds, an actual deaf actress, to be cast in the role as opposed to an actress pretending to be deaf. Not only was Millicent cast in the role of Regan, but it was actually her that taught her fellow castmates sign language.

John told Variety the casting move was "a non-negotiable thing for me." And that 100% reeks of something a New Englander would do. We may have a bit of a hard outer shell, but we have hearts of gold on the inside.

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