Sometimes, I use the saying "da bomb" to describe something awesome. But this storm is literally a "bomb" and far from being awesome. Bombogenesis 2018!

Today for New England, it is a state of emergency. We have been given the ultimate winter wallop with this New Year's Bombogenesis Blizzard Storm that the Weather Channel has named 'Storm Grayson'. Why would they give such a cute name to a monster storm like this? The Weather Channel is reporting that not only are their damaging winds, tons of snow, but also; coastal flooding. If you are planning to travel anywhere near a New England Coastline, you are out of your mind. Your car will not survive, and neither will you most likely. Coastal towns are beneath frozen ice and water right now, and there are no signs of easing up. These images have been floating around online, and my jaw has dropped watching each one. Officials urge you to stay put, and don't even think about trying out your new kayak!

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