Honestly, I feel like this would be equal parts super cool and super terrifying. Possibly because I watched one of those D-list "on demand" movies not too long ago when nothing else was on some weekend night, and in that movie a massive black bear used one of the main characters as a play toy. But honestly, on the other hand -- when do you ever really see a black bear NOT on a documentary, movie, or commercial?

For Facebook user Kaitlyn Marie, she can actually answer that question with, "a couple of nights ago in my backyard, actually." Kaitlyn posted a picture from her game camera taken on Monday night in the The (un)Official City of Dover, NH page on Facebook of a black bear in her backyard.

Kaitlyn Marie via Facebook

According to Kaitlyn, the bear was wandering the trails along her backyard on Middle Road in Dover, right near Tendercrop Farm (which is a KILLER place if you haven't been yet, by the way). Actually, I wonder if the bear has been to Tendercrop? Maybe looking for a nice little cobb salad?

In all seriousness, Kaitlyn's parents actually commented on her post and mentioned that they get A LOT of wildlife in their backyard along those trails, everything from black bears (clearly) to coyotes, foxes, deer, fisher cats -- you name it, they see it.

Kaitlyn Marie via Facebook

Look at that thing -- looks like it's on the prowl for something!

But seriously, all "OMGZ SEEING BEARZ 'N COYOTEZ IN BACKYARDZ IZ KOOL" nature loving aside -- and don't get me wrong, it IS cool to see nature happen right before us -- this is a really good reminder to WATCH YOUR PETS. Especially if you have to take ole Fido or FiFi out for a late night tinkle.

Like a commenter, Tom Mooney, said in the thread of Kaitlyn's post:

With the warmer weather, black bears are beginning to wake up from hibernation. They are hungry. If you have bird feeders out at the moment, I strongly urge you to bring them inside. I have spoken on behalf of NH fish and game as a fish and wildlife steward.

It doesn't matter if you're in Dover, Concord, Portland or Westbrook -- nature is everywhere, so keep yourself, your kiddos, and your furbabies safe and sound!

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