By now, you've probably seen the photo or the meme floating around the internet about that car in Maine with '2020 WTF' license plate. For a lot of people, that summed up their feelings about this unbelievable year. But it was also symbolic of how so many people from New England cope with difficult situations, by using humor. And if you're looking for humor, the Bingas Windham location is always there with a helping hand, or sign, and their latest is a real mouthful.

Shared on Reddit by MDVAME, get ready to feel like you're back in front of the classroom attempting to say a word you don't really know how to pronounce. In fact, most adults still haven't come to an agreement on how exactly to pronounce Worcestershire. Are we supposed to go full Massachusetts and say "wooster-shire" or "wooster-shear"? Some people heavily pronounce the R, saying "Worse-ter-shear". And then you'll always be able to find a person who's pronunciation of Worcestershire includes some vowels or consonants that are definitely not part of the word.

Which is exactly why this joke is damn good. 2020 has been a dumpster fire and the "safe word" to stop the daily hell is an unpronounceable word that has all of our tongues twisted. Hang in there, 2021 is only a few short weeks away and hopefully next year's "safe word" is something a whole lot easier to say.

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