This morning's You Tell Us question was one of my favorites in a while - give us your best advice in four words. We got so much great advice today, I feel like I could write a book with all of these, and it would be a New York Times Best Seller! Between all of the calls and the Facebook comments, we got too many great ones...both serious and funny. It'd be hard to list them all here, but check out a few of our favorites:

"Stay true to yourself."

"Quiet toddlers equal trouble."

"Moderately eat chocolate daily."

"Think before you speak."

"Obstacles are simply opportunities."

"Don't eat yellow snow."

"Listen to your wife."

"Always treat others respectfully."

"You are good enough."

"Don't worry be happy."

And how about all of these great Facebook comments?

You can still weigh in with yours...leave a comment on the Facebook post!

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