Here's another example of people getting way too riled up over something ridiculous. Bolley’s Famous Franks in Waterville recently switched their french fries from crinkle cut to straight cut, and some people really went off the deep end. According to a post on their Facebook page, Bolley's changed because the blades used for the crinkle cut fries are flimsy and expensive, and it has cost them thousands of dollars. Seems like a sensible business decision, right? Well, some people were so angry at the change that they resorted to unreasonable hostility, profanity, and even threats.

It's good to see in many of the comments on the post that most of their customers are understanding of the situation, defending Bolley's and their business decision.

But it got us thinking - why do crinkle cut fries and straight cut fries taste so different? In a post on Yahoo Answers, it's explained:

Because of the way it is baked. Straight chips are baked at a lower heat than crinkled. Straight ones cook much faster. Crinkled has ridges so the flavors and salts will be kind of "built in" to the edges and ridges. Crinkle chips ahve more flavor than the straight ones.


A poll on Bored Of Studies shows a nation divided - 49.12% for straight cut, 50.88 for crinkle cut. Wow...that's worthy of a recall!

Which do you think are better? Leave a comment on the Facebook post and let us know!

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