According to Mount Desert Islander, Casey Stone and Ryley O'Brien who were managing two separate eateries have come together to form one ultimate Pizzeria sports bar called Pizzeria 131.

It is located on 131 Cottage St. in Bar Harbor and offers wings, pizza, burgers and more. They have everything you need. Flat screens to show off all the games, friendly and fun atmosphere and most importantly will solve all of your "hanger issues" with the most incredible mouth-watering foods.

The article says, they will cater to a unique clientele which is one that lives in the area year-round. They want to know you. This bar is not just a spot to stop in and have a beer but it will give you a comfort and feeling of that homestyle pub you've always yearned for.

In the off-season, when most businesses in town have closed down and boarded up, one restaurant is making its debut.

Mount Desert Islander

Ryley and Casey want to know your names, what you do in your life, your dreams, your interests, this is something you don't see much anymore and I am glad that the feeling of human connectivity is woven into this new eatery.

Casey says,

That’s part of the focus this year, just getting more familiar with everybody, not only their names, but what they do, if they live around town, what their interests are, especially sports-wise

This place will not disappoint with dishes like smashburgers, pizzas, meatballs and cheese as well as a very yummy homemade chili, as the article states.

I want the food to be good. That’s why most people come here, for good quality comfort food that doesn’t disappoint.


Ryley and Casey were managing the locations previous spot called, "Aloha".

This new venture has already proved to be successful with people loving the atmosphere and food. They opened January 1st and are open every daily from 3:00pm-9:00pm. If you'd like to check them out, head on over to their Facebook page for more info! 

Casey and I, we haven’t had full control up until this year. I think now that we have full control, like there’s nobody standing in our way, The both of us, we understand this restaurant. We’re going to make it work.

Mount Desert Islander

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