Though the new ordinance won't go into effect until the first day of June next year, Bangor has officially become the first Maine community to completely ban flavored tobacco.

According to WMTW News 8, the ban will prevent the sale, display, marketing and advertising of flavored tobacco products.

The vote by the Bangor City Council was almost unanimous coming in at 7-1. It's important to note that this ordinance does not ban the use of these products in the city of Bangor, only from retailers marketing or selling such items.

Supporters of Bangor's ban on flavored tobacco say that the marketing of flavored tobacco is often used to target younger kids as a way to get them interested in tobacco at an earlier age. People against the ban say this won't stop users and will just force people to purchase the products in other towns.

City Councilor, Jonathan Sprague said, ”I think we’re talking short-term community economics on one hand, in longer-term public health and community cost on the other It’s the here-and-now on what happens with sales, it’s the long-term implications on what happens to the health of kids.”

Businesses that accrue multiple violations of the city's ordinance will face fines of up to $1,000, while a first offence would cost the business $100

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