In mid-March, when Maine first started locking things down due to the pandemic and our healthcare workers started gearing up for some seriously unprecedented times, Aroma Joe's stepped up with free coffee for healthcare workers.

During this period of time Aroma Joe's gave away nearly 50,000 cups of coffee to our hardworking healthcare workers.

With a record-breaking number of new COVID-19 cases and healthcare workers working just as hard, or harder than ever, Aroma Joe's is bringing the free coffee deal back beginning today.

Today, December 9th through January 31, 2021 healthcare workers can stop by and get a free 16 ounce hot or iced coffee.

According to Loren Goodridge, CEO of Aroma Joe's, "We hope a daily cup of AJ's coffee and some much-deserved positivity will bring happiness to our healthcare heroes."

Doctors and nurses coordinate hands. Concept Teamwork
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This deal is valid at all Aroma Joe's locations from Maine to Florida.

Thank you, healthcare workers. While many of you are fighting for hazard pay, losing out on raises, and all while working your tails off, please take advantage of Aroma Joe's generosity. While you all deserve free coffee and so much more, a free cup of Joe will at least help you start your workday on the right foot.

Stay safe and stay caffeinated!

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