For the record, we're praying to the Baseball God, Jobu, that this article doesn't jinx either team. But, thankfully, we should be fine as long as nobody drinks Jobu's rum. As Pedro Cerrano once said, "it's very bad to steal Jobu's rum. It's very bad."

Portland Sea Dogs win streak

In all seriousness, last night at Hadlock Field was next-level amazing, as the Portland Sea Dogs topped the Harrisburg Senators 11-6. But it wasn't necessarily just last night's win that had Hadlock going crazy, it was the winning in general, as the Sea Dogs upped their winning streak to a massive (and almost unheard of) 15 games.

At the time of this writing, the Sea Dogs are currently sitting in first place in the Northeast Division with the best record in the league and a three-game lead on the second place Somerset Patriots, a minor league team for the parent club and Major League rival New York Yankees.

Boston Red Sox standings

At the same time, speaking of the Major Leagues, the Boston Red Sox, at the time of this writing, are also in first place in the American League East, with a one-game lead over the Tampa Bay Rays.

It begs the question -- since both of our home teams are doing incredible and sitting atop their respective divisions, which team would New Englanders rather go see? Obviously, each team has pros and cons -- distance, competitive level, cost of food and memorabilia in and around the park, transportation costs in and out of each respective ballpark, etc.

Sea Dogs or Red Sox?

So exactly which team would New Englanders rather see? In all fairness, it probably depends on which portion of New England you ask -- to be transparent, we pretty much polled Northern New England, which is Sea Dogs Country (but still most Red Sox fans). Perhaps results would've been a little different if we asked more in Southern New England, but regardless, here are some Facebook responses.

"Sea Dogs. Red Sox (stink)." - Denise (Spoiler: Denise later admitted she's a Yankees fan, hence her vitriol about the Sox).


"Sea Dogs because they’re closer. But that’s the only reason." - Ellen


"Sea Dogs. Love Portland." - John


"Sea dogs.... big enough stadium to know the game is a big deal, yet small enough to feel ok going to get food without being mugged." - Idella (for the record, Idella's opinion of what happens at Fenway Park or in the City of Boston are hers and hers alone.)


"Honestly, I can’t choose. I’d be happy watching either team play!" - Barb


"Sea Dogs. I like a stadium that is more intimate. You can enjoy the game without binoculars." - Patti

Obviously the quotes above are pretty Sea Dogs-heavy. To break it down further for you, of all the responses we received when asking New Englanders (okay, Northern New Englanders mostly) who they'd rather go see, here's how the stats fully break down.

Sea Dogs - 56%

Red Sox - 12.5%

Both - 19%

Neither - 12.5% (responses for this were either geared around heading to Ft. Myers for any baseball as opposed to specifically the Sea Dogs or the Sox, or literally seeing neither because of not being baseball fans.)

With all that said, would you personally rather had to Hadlock Field to see the Sea Dogs, Fenway Park to see the Red Sox, or do something else entirely?

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