We know elderberry can help boost immunity. We know aloe plants can help soothe burns. We know blueberries taste great in a smoothie, but did you also know they could help heal your wounds?

Professor Dorothy Klilmis-Zacas of the University of Maine received a grant and began studying one of Maine's most popular exports, blueberries.

DiMeo Blueberry Farmers via YouTube
DiMeo Blueberry Farmers via YouTube

According to WMTW, her findings indicate that the berries carry certain acids that promote cell migration which help wounds to close and ultimately heal faster.

Klilmis-Zacas is working on creating a cream with these healing blueberry compounds and is hopeful for a product to be on the market in the next 3-5 years.

In the meantime, once the snow melts grab a handful in the field and rub them into your scraped knee! Ok, don't do that, but maybe take an extra moment to appreciate the power of Maine's most popular fruit.

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