Over the weekend I was on TikTok and somehow stumbled onto UMaine TikTok with this video.

@demetraa is a 17-year-old from New York City. No wonder she's experiencing a bit of a culture shock up in Orono. Hopefully, I can answer some of her questions.

1. What is L.L. Bean?

Get Your New Backpack at L.L. Bean
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L.L. Bean is the pinnacle of Maine fashion and outdoorsy living. Duck boots became all the rage because of the coveted Bean Boots. And all Maine kids know there's no bigger status symbol on the first day of school than a new monogrammed backpack.

2. What is Aroma Joe's?

Is there a small empty building in your town with room for a drive-thru? That's going to be an Aroma Joe's. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it will. And everyone will be stoked once that day comes because when you need coffee there's nothing better.

3. Why is it so f*cking cold?

Businessman in a Cold Office with Snow and Ice

Otherwise, everyone would want to live here. It keeps us humble. And after living here my entire life, it really doesn't seem to get easier. Perhaps run to L.L. Bean for some boots, a jacket, and some longjohns. Warm up with some Aroma Joe's while you're at it.

4. What do I do if I see a moose?

Facebook via Terri Anderson
Facebook via Terri Anderson

Fantastic question. First, consider yourself lucky! There are Mainers who still haven't come across one in the wild. They likely won't bother you just don't bother it and keep a safe distance. Now if you see it while driving there are a few things to keep in mind. And yes, Mainers who took drivers ed learned these things in class. This is straight from the Maine DOT website:

The Moose Standoff
If you see a moose standing in or near the roadway, use extreme caution, especially during mating season from August through October.

Slow down.
Do not try to drive around the moose.
Stay in your vehicle. Do not get out to observe or to chase it off the road. By getting out of the car, you put yourself and other drivers at risk. Moose can be unpredictable and may attack your vehicle.
Give moose plenty of room and let them wander back off the road.
Believe it or not! What at first appears to be a gentle, lumbering moose will suddenly charge a car, then stride quietly away.

5. Lobster?

It's delicious. Give it a try! It can be intimidating when you're served one because they don't come with an instruction manual. If you're dining at a seafood joint the waitstaff is likely used to getting questions so don't be afraid to ask! Otherwise, look on YouTube or go out with some Maine friends. Also, don't dress up if you're going out for lobster. You will get messy.

6. Acadia?

Beautiful and likely an area you'll eventually venture to while at UMaine as it's not too far. People travel from far and wide to visit Acadia National Park and to be one of the first to see the sunrise in the United States.

Looks like that covers your basics! If you're reading this @demetraa, good luck at UMaine and hit me up with any other questions!

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