This scrappy little somebody has added "author" to her impressive resume along with actress, producer and twitter comedian. I can't wait to get my paws on this book!

I bought a ticket to her book tour in Portland ME without looking at the date only to find out it is the day before Thanksgiving. So as I am sitting in traffic on my pilgrimage to New Jersey at least I will have my signed copy of "Scrappy Little Nobody" to clutch while I sob.

When I meet Ms. Kendrick at Books-A-Million in South Portland I have this master plan to ask her to be the maid of honor in my wedding. I have always felt she is my best friend she just doesn't know it yet. I'll let you know how that goes!

Here is my bestie telling us about her book on the Today Show yesterday:

Isn't she the bees knees? Order her book online or check it out in the primitive version of Amazon, BOOKSTORES!

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