I love this on a different level -- not because of Brady, not because of Gronk, not because they won another Super Bowl together -- no. I love this because this is SO along the lines of something I did in college once. (I'll make this about myself for a second then get to the good Pastor.)

Back when I was a current student at my alma mater, Curry College, the Student Activities department decided to create basically a male talent show/pageant called Mr. Curry. And when I tell you I STRUGGLED with figuring out a talent, but when this all went down, the Red Sox had just reversed the curse so Soxamania was running wild on campus. So, I decided to take a song (don't remember which one, honestly) and rewrite the lyrics to be all about the Sox winning and their key players.

It actually went over pretty well after I got through the first chorus. And I probably should've stopped there, but I was in the zone and soaking in the cheers -- and cockily told them I had a whole second half to get to. And then I bombed it. Needless to say, I didn't win.

Ernie Madden via Facebook
Ernie Madden via Facebook

But I tell that story because I know first-hand how tough it can be to rewrite lyrics to an entire song, make everything rhyme and make sense, and then perform it. And THAT'S exactly what Pastor Ernie Madden from Ashland Community Church in Ashland, New Hampshire did.

Pastor Ernie, a MASSIVE Pats fan, wrote the song about how once the Pats were eliminated from playoff contention, he (like the rest of New England) fully hopped on board the Tampa Bay Buccaneers bandwagon (after tracking them all season long), especially as they advanced through the playoffs and into the Big Game, which they eventually won in convincing fashion. There's obviously a heavy focus on Brady and Gronk, too.

The song is called "Friends in Southern Places" and is a parody of the Garth Brooks song "Friends in Low Places."

The best (most courageous) part? Pastor Ernie performed this ON FACEBOOK LIVE! It's one thing to record a video of you performing a parody song you wrote your own lyrics to, and then edit it together to make it sound and look as good as possible, but TO DO IT ON FACEBOOK LIVE?! The pressure!

But that's why they call him "One Take Ernie" -- because he CRUSHED it. Good on ya, Pastor! This is hilarious and super fun, and the sunglasses inside are a huge reminder that the sun never sets on a bada---umm, a Pastor. The sun never sets on a Pastor.

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