The American Idol audition bus made its first East Coast stop in Portland this morning. This was their first stop of five for the East Coast bus. 

People arrived as early as 5am (maybe sooner, we arrived at 5am) to ensure they would be one of the first to audition. By 8am, the corral they had to keep those auditioning in line was pretty full.

The Q Morning show was broadcasting live all morning and got to interview a few of the producers for American Idol, as well as some Mainers auditioning.


The auditions are going on until 5pm this evening at the Maine State Pier - the same place you can pick up the ferry to get to the islands in Casco Bay.

If you miss the auditions today here are some other ways you can audition to become the next American Idol:

  • The bus will be making its next stop on July 12 - Columbus, OH - Capital University, at the fountain on the corner of Mound Ave. and Pleasant Ridge Ave.
  • The closest live audition is on July 23 - Long Island, NY Wednesday, Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
  • And you can even audition online - click here for more information!

Here are some more pictures from the day:

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