What better (and healthy) way to escape reality and the stress in our lives than with a movie? And, we needed to escape more than ever with a COVID-19 crisis rocking our collective worlds. Unfortunately for us, movie theaters have been closed for over three months due to the pandemic, which has lasted much longer than anyone could have predicted… well, except maybe for virologists and other scientists. The point is: We NEED to get away from it all.

Here comes the good news: AMC Theatres is set to reopen by the middle of July, according to CBS News. The report says 97-98% of AMC theaters are expected to be open at 25% capacity.

Obviously, there are going to be some new protocols in place, according to CBS News. Not only will the number of people in the theaters be limited, but getting our must-have popcorn and jumbo soda will only be possible with the AMC app.

We can't wait to see a movie in a theater. How about you?

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