For the past several years, there has been no hotter spot in Maine for restaurant openings than Portland. Of course, with the pandemic causing a halt to indoor dining and a widespread change to how most restaurants operate, the whirlwind food scene in Portland has certainly slowed down. But that doesn't mean there won't be new restaurants opening soon and that list includes a new fried chicken at the corner of Cumberland and Washington avenues.

via Portland Food Map
via Portland Food Map

According to Portland Food Map, the new restaurant will be called NFC (New York Fried Chicken) and will likely specialize in (you guessed it) fried chicken. The exterior sign also promises a variety of other menu offerings including subs, gyros, kebab, and ice cream. As of this writing, there is no firm date for when NFC plans to open.

The restaurant takes over the space left behind by Bob's Clam Hut. Bob's opened in the same space in 2018 but decided to close less than two years after opening due to an ownership change. Some locals have deemed this particular parcel of land as a "cursed" spot in Portland, with several restaurants opening and closing in the space over the last decade. Perhaps a new fried chicken restaurant is what breaks that curse.

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