Theaters across Maine were packed this weekend for the debut of "Pet Sematary", the updated movie version of Stephen King's famous book of the same title. The hype for the flick was strong, but in the city that Stephen King still calls home, the movie theater decided to go the extra mile for the premiere. That meant building their very own version of a "Pet Sematary" movie set.

Reddit via SeaWolfGaming
Reddit via SeaWolfGaming

Shared on Reddit by SeaWolfGaming, outside the Bangor Mall Cinemas, fans of the book and movie got a fun little surprise. A chance to be creeped out/take a photo in a small "wooded" area that resembles the Pet Sematary you'd see in the movie. It even includes the known phrase "sometimes dead is better".  Not only that, the theater made sure that the Creed's beloved cat Church had a proper resting place.

Similar hype took place around Bangor prior to the "It" premier back in 2017. Seems the theaters in Bangor want to make sure their resident master of horror knows how appreciated he is. We can dig it even if a fake Pet Sematary as part of a mall facade is still super creepy.

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