Cumberland, Maine

I grew up in Cumberland, Maine, and if there was one thing I noticed that we lacked, it was places to eat.

We had the local stores that fed us before and after sports practices, like Food Stop and North Yarmouth Variety, but if you wanted to go out to eat for a nice sit-down dinner you had to drive out of town.

Growing up, my family would travel into Falmouth, Yarmouth, and Portland for a sit-down meal but we always said how nice it would be to have options closer to home.

This was years ago and for those who live in the area these days, more and more restaurants are popping up, including a brand new one coming to Cumberland Center.

Wander at LongWoods

Since I’m a huge foodie, I follow Portland Food Map on Instagram to stay in the loop and drool over pictures of places I need to try. It’s a great way to learn about the restaurants and food spots around town that I need to put on my list.

The account recently posted about a new restaurant coming to Cumberland Center called Wander at LongWoods.

The restaurant is currently under construction but as the post shares, they plan on launching by early June this coming summer.

June will be the perfect time for a place like this to open because it is so much more than just a restaurant.

Farm-to-Table Restaurant in Cumberland, Maine

As Portland Food Map shares, the restaurant will include an on-site farm where ingredients will be locally sourced from, as well as the farm being an experiential component to the dining experience.

Christian Widell via Unsplash

The seasonally-inspired menu will pull as many ingredients from the farm and nearby farms as possible while also sourcing ingredients from other local places. Their beer, wine, and cocktails will also be served in collaboration with nearby distilleries and breweries.

The restaurant will feature a dining room that sits 70+ people, a terrace with outdoor seating, and a communal area that goes out into the farm that will have picnic tables, fire pits, and Adirondack chairs.

I can picture it now… The sun setting over the farm, a cold beer in hand, waiting for your delicious meal to be served, listening to the cows moo, smelling the fresh air and freshly cut grass, having a summer moment that feels like it's out of a movie.

I look forward to seeing how this turns out and I'm excited to try it out for myself. Reserve me an Adirondack chair ‘cause I’ll want to be as close to those cows as possible!

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