For many, 98% of Facebook seems like either people complaining, people arguing over politics, or both. Then there's that other 2% that's a mix motivational/inspirational posts and absolute comedy. This is one of those comedic moments we're all much better off for.

This approached seemed way better than the Facebook Dating app

Last week, a user on Facebook who goes by John Racioppi Chops tossed a quick, one sentence post on the Merrimack Valley Eats group on Facebook asking for a date.

"Any single ladies between the age of 20s-40s want to go out with a decent looking guy and buy me dinner? Asking for a me."

Normally, town Facebook pages are used for, well, talking and/or inquiring about the town. So, it caught users by surprise (mostly positive surprise in the form of laughter and jokes) when John's post popped up in the group's newsfeed.

Based on his TikTok account, it's pretty clear that John is a pretty laidback guy with a sense of humor in his late 30s, and also a father.

Regardless of how users took John's post -- whether to be a joke, an act of desperation, or just someone trying to bring laughs in what's been a stressful 20 months, the comments section absolutely blew up and became a true "I'm just here for the comments" post. Below are some of the highlights.

(SPOILER: John's post was actually successful, as a video he posted in the comments section shows him dining with not just one, but two women!)

A Massachusetts Man Asked for a Date on a Town Facebook Page and the Comments are Priceless

The post defined "I'm just here for the comments."

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