One of the most unfortunate things to come from the coronavirus pandemic has the been the incredible shortage of toilet paper in stores across Maine and the rest of New England. So while some people may have been scrambling from store to store searching for a square, Congdon's Doughnut Shop in Wells ran a promotion this weekend that hooked people up with two things to help them through this pandemic, tasty doughnuts and a free roll of toilet paper.

People loved the promotion and Congdon's was happy to do it. But after it wrapped up on Sunday, Congdon's took to Facebook to share this important message.

That's right, Congdon's plans to give away two free rolls of toilet paper to whomever needs it while supplies last. No purchase of doughnuts necessary. People can simply use their drive-thru during regular business hours this week and ask for some toilet paper. Congdon's is also asking other businesses in the area that can spare some squares to donate toilet paper and Congdon's will happy to distribute it.

Perhaps another important lesson can come from a business offering to help their neighbors out. If you're someone who may have overbought toilet paper, don't forget that you can look out for neighbors or complete strangers and offer some up. We're all in this together.

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