Cape Elizabeth has long had a reputation as the town in Maine "where the rich people live." That may be true judging by some of the prices of homes in the town that boasts some of the most picturesque coastal views and a light house that is famous the world over.

There are several multi-million dollar homes currently for sale in Cape Elizabeth that most of us can only dream of, but there are also a handful currently for sale that, although on the high end for those of us who aren't clearing six figures a year, still may be within the budget.

I did some searching on and found 7 homes in Cape Elizabeth that are likely too expensive for most Mainers, but I also found one that is more on the affordable side when keeping in mind that they're in what many consider to be the wealthiest town in Maine.

We'll go from most expensive to least expensive in this list, and if you want to take a look at more photos, I've provided a link to the listing in case want to buy, or just drool in envy.

6 Homes You Can't Afford in Cape Elizabeth and 1 You Might

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