Oh I love a good mystery!

I was scrolling through my Instagram the other day and came across a post from one of my favorite Mexican spots around (and yours, too, according to this list of 14 of your favorite Mexican restaurants in NH as determined to YOU!), Cinco de Mayo Bar & Grill in Dover.

And it's a pretty cryptic post -- and like I said, I love a good mystery.

I mean, that could really be a few different things -- maybe a new portion of bar-top (which, when I was there in October, was kind of blocked off due to distancing the tables and putting up plexiglass surrounding the tables to meet the requirements and guidelines for indoor dining).

Maybe it's a new table top set up, since on the right it looks like that could be the side of top of a chair (that's just fully pushed in under the table, ya know?) Actually, how COOL would that be if you had built-in containers in your table to try and save room, since usually authentic Mexican can come with a lot of plates (especially if you get fajitas!)

There were a couple of guesses in the comments section of their Instagram post, too.

"Is it a taco cart?" - @jewelrycreationnation (OMG can you IMAGINE a taco cart strolling up to your table and you get to either make it yourself -- definitely not during COVID -- or tell the waiter/waitress what you want on it, right there and then?! YES PLEASE!)

"Table side shots." - @smashbandikoot (WAIT. Is this legal? And if not, can it be? Or like, table side margaritas at least?)

"TABLE SIDE GUAC!! LFG!!!" - @jaddontheradio (Yes, I commented. Yes, table side guac makes me insanely excited. Yes, I know I need a wife. Or a life. Or a life with a wife.)

What are YOUR guesses? I'm so excited to find out!

UPDATE: Since this article has been posted, we've gotten our answer in a follow-up post from Cinco de Mayo Bar & Grill...

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