I love Justin Timberlake, so I'm stoked about the Super Bowl Halftime Show. He's not everyone's cup of tea. I get that. So, here are five more reasons to watch the show, which will be live at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as the New England Patriots attempt yet another Super Bowl win... This time against the Philadelphia Eagles:

(5) JT has a new album with fresh music to perform. His new "Man Of The Woods" LP dropped yesterday (February 2nd), two days before the big game. Coincidence? Maybe. His fifth release nods to his Tennessee roots and was inspired by his family.

(4) Even though Timberlake has been urged by the conservative media watchdog group the Parents Television Council to keep his show family-friendly (according to E News), there is always the possibility of another accidental wardrobe malfunction. It IS Justin, after all. We wouldn't know the meaning of the word "Nipplegate" if it weren't for him and the infamous Janet Jackson incident of 2004.

(3) There could be an *NSYNC reunion. Even though JT denies it, I'll keep hoping and praying! Besides, it has happened before: In 2001 during Super Bowl XXXV, ‘NSYNC joined Timberlake for a star-studded line-up that also included Aerosmith and Britney Spears.

(2) If *NSYNC doesn't magically appear, maybe Janet Jackson will make a cameo. This could be the chance for the two of them to make good on their 2004 performance of “Rock Your Body” and redeem themselves. I think people have forgotten how truly talented Jackson is, after Nipplegate (and her brother Michael) overshadowed her career.

(1) There are very strong rumors of a tribute to Prince, since Minneapolis is the purple one's hometown. Perhaps, Timberlake will do a duet with a Prince hologram or some other special effect that represents him. TMZ is reporting it will be a hologram.

Out of these five reasons I've outlined to watch the big game tomorrow, a Prince tribute would be the one I most want to happen. I consider Prince's epic Super Bowl performance in 2007 to be the pinnacle of all halftime shows combined.

Let the fireworks begin! Super Bowl LII airs tomorrow (Sunday) at 6:30 p.m. on NBC.


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