Get out there and enjoy nature!

I love living in the city, but a lot of times, I miss being in the woods. Growing up in New Hampshire, I was in the woods and the mountains all of the time. It was my happy place!

But since I moved to Portland, I don't hit the trails nearly as much. However, it doesn't have to be that way. There are plenty of great hiking trails within a reasonable distance of Portland.

Here are a few.


Bradbury Mountain State Park (Pownal)
This is a great spot that really reminds me of New Hampshire in so many ways. Best of all, it's only about a half-hour drive from Portland. I took my dog Sandy just yesterday. There's a shortcut that will get you to the top of the mountain very quickly, but we chose to take the long way up. Many great trails around this mountain!

Eastern Promenade (Portland)
I'm embarrassed to say that I had been living on Munjoy Hill for several months before I discovered that the Eastern Promenade had trails! So for me, this is perfect because it's within walking distance of my home.

Fore River Sanctuary (Portland)
Another close by spot that is just beautiful. Enough trails to keep you busy for a couple hours... plus Maine's only natural waterfall.

Rattlesnake Mountain (Raymond)
This one is on my bucket list for this year. Under an hour drive from Portland, it features a lake, and is a moderate hike.

Burnt Meadow Mountain, Brownfield

This one is a little over an hour from Portland, but I definitely plan on hitting it this summer. It looks gorgeous!

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