It's after dinner, the sun is going down, you and your date had an extra glass of wine and now you're looking to remake a scene from a romantic comedy that involves a steamy make out session in some beautiful part of town. Don't know where to go? Luckily I've done my fair share of make out tourism and can recommend these four spots around Portland.

Fort Sumner Park on Munjoy Hill

Fort Sumner Park looks over all of Portland with glimpses of the ocean and twinkling city lights at night. It's one of my favorite views in Portland, whether or not I have someone to snog on one of the benches.

The Upper Deck on a Casco Bay Ferry

Grab dinner on Peaks Island and prepare for a nautical lip lock on the ferry ride home. If you go off season you'll probably have the whole upper deck to yourself. Just don't forget to come up for air when the boat docks back on the mainland.

Longfellow Garden on Congress Street

The Longfellow Gardens behind the Wadsworth-Longfellow House on Congress Street aren't open into the night, so this is your spot if you're looking for an afternoon delight.

On the Rocks at Spring Point Lighthouse

Careful navigating the rocks after dark at Spring Point. This is a make out spot is perfect for a sunset session when there's still enough light to ensure your date doesn't end up in the ocean.


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