Here's an obvious thought. I always think, if a restaurant gets on TV, they've got to be absolutely amaze-balls, and I want to one day try it.

Sidenote: Why did I use that last word? I hate that I did that, but you get the point.

If a restaurant was SO GOOD that it got nationally recognized on our tubes, then how could it close?! Especially the ones with Maine chefs running their kitchen considering we're seen as the "Foodie State."

I'm talking about how sad it is for the one-off local dining spots you can only find in Maine that leave us. Like my old favorite Portland chicken tendie go-to spot, Binga's Winga's I miss dearly.

Fortunately, they still have their Windham and Yarmouth locations still open.

OK, back to the local closures.

Maine's food industry is on the rise and has gotten some serious TV and big-name recognition

At this point, you can turn on a famous cooking show like "Chopped" or "Top Chef" and not be remotely surprised when you see a local chef competing. It's just like, yup, checks out.


Have you ever heard the saying "sometimes love isn't enough"? Well, unfortunately for Maine, it looks like for these 11 local restaurants that were featured on food TV shows, cooking absolutely delicious food wasn't enough either.

Closures have hit many of our favorite places from around the world in the last decade, all for different reasons, but it always stings a little harder when they're from your town and you have a personal relationship with them. And some of them feel so recent, too!

Do you remember these 11 Maine restaurants that were on food TV shows that have sadly left us over the last 10 years?

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