For those who do not know the word "Bubbie" it means grandmother in Yiddish. And this past Thursday, I lost mine. I had the honor of speaking at her funeral yesterday and as I looked out at all the people that she touched with her kindness, wit and over all bubbie-ness it brought my heart great joy. It didn’t matter if you only met her a few times or if you were lifelong friends, she left you feeling the same way. That you were part of the family.

My bubbie was classy, non judgemental, fabulous and fun and she did it all with such ease.  She was the most compassionate especially towards her grandchildren. Our wins were her wins, our struggles her struggles. Beyond being my bubbie and my biggest cheerleader she was also my friend. I would call her and we would honestly chat for hours like a couple of gal pals. I told her everything and she never ever passed judgement even when she probably should have.

There is a lot I will miss now that she is no longer physically with us. I’ll miss how when she first learned how to text it took her a little while to discover the space key so all her messages were one long word I would have to decode. Going over to her house for lunch and her whipping up my favorite meal of grilled cheese and tomato soup. The sound of her laugh after I would let out a big belch after enjoying said grilled cheese and tomato soup. Her texts to remind us of eachothers birthdays. Sitting on her deck in the summer time drinking martinis (straight up with olives of course)

I was fortunate enough to have my Bubbie in my life for 28 years and we are never ready to say goodbye to these important fixtures in our lives. Things will be undeniably different without her. Though I know she will still be with us on those important days like when my brother marries his beautiful bride to be, Holly, in December. Or just whenever we need her. <3