Love him or hate him, it pretty much goes without saying that Guy Fieri is quite the character! And the fire cracker himself is currently gracing us with his presence in the Granite State. And according to his post on the twitter machine, he gives it a very enthusiastic thumbs up!

People then took the liberty of tweeting back a picture of their own thumbs up with Guy's thumbs up tweet in the background. Then someone took a picture of that and it became this whole inception of thumbs up tweets. I looked into it way too long and it made me real dizzy.

ANYWHO It appears he is scouting out new joints to feature in his show Diner's Drive Ins and Dives. Where do we think that he will be filming in Portsmouth NH?

Here are my top three guesses:

1) The Friendly Toast

2) Gilley's Diner

3) Bratskellar Pizza Pub

Well now that I am sufficiently starving, do you have any guesses as to where Guy and the #DDD crew might be filming in Portsmouth?