We are going wwwwaaaayyyy back with this one, I am talking 17,000 years ago. The state of Maine was just being formed. The ice age was ending, and major melting was happening. As the ice melted, it uncovered mountains, landscape, and of course lakes. Now, if you ask someone from Maine what was the first lake formed in Maine, you may hear answers like Sebago or Moosehead. And, those would be wrong answers. The truth is an unlikely lake in Acadia National Park.

According to the Bangor Daily News, in 2011, a group of scientist at the University of Maine did a study to find out what is the first lake formed in Maine. They determined that Sargent Mountain in Acadia National Park is the second tallest peak in the park, but was the one of the first areas in Maine to become ice free. And, that is were the first lake formed, Sargent Mountain Pond. Now, there are higher elevation lakes in Maine, but they are all inland, so they were still under ice when Sargent Mountain Pond was formed. So, if you have visited or swam in Sargent Mountain Pond, then you have seen and been in the first lake in Maine!