Ever drove into a town, and wondered 'what were they on' when they named this town? I guess a little humor is needed when you are on a 3 hour car ride to the middle of 'god's country' in New Hampshire.

Check out these strange Town Names in New Hampshire. And, I promise, they are NOT made up!


10. Effingham- you can't help but think about a particular curse word when you say this town's name!


9. Hell's Hollow- OMG, this part of Plainfield is hell? LOL

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8. Christian's Hollow- Phew, that balances out good vs evil in Walpole, NH


7. Lempster- what is the first thing you think of when you say this towns name?


6. Happy Corner- Now THIS is a town I want to live in!

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5. Center Sandwich- once you hit this town line, you have a certain kinda craving.....


4. Milan- not to be confused with the town in Italy.


3. Dummer- Duh.....


2. Noone- What time is it?

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1. Wonalancet- Wanna who?