I am missing solids in a big way right now.

So I am about five hours into my fast and am contemplating eating my left arm. (It is meatier than my right) I am already fantasizing about the first thing I am going to shove into my mouth when the time comes to break the fast. Which is in approximately 18 hours and 58 minutes, but whos counting?!

Should it be a Mac 'N Stack burger from Nosh?

With a side of Five Guys fries?

Or I could always go with a delightful breakfast crepe from Silly's

Or I could always grab a few slices from Slab..

And washing it all down with one of these bad boys from Mount Desert Island Ice Cream!

Ok I am going to stop torturing myself now. Only 18 more hours and 32 minutes to go now. (heaven help me)

Your starving pal,

Kira Lew