There is a 1,700 LB Chocolate Moose living right down the street from me. Here's his story.

I saw an article on Travel and called America's Strangest Roadside Attractions. Yup, no. 20 lives in Scarborough, Maine, which is the next town over from me. So off I went to investigate and got to Len Libby where I have been before, but never remembered seeing this. A 1,700 pound giant chocolate moose!

Teddy McKay. His name is Lenny. Apparently back in 1997 business got a little slow and Lenny was born. Not a bad idea considering you can barley get into the parking lot just before the holidays.


Teddy McKay

I also didn't know you can get ice cream at Len Libby.  Check out "Lenny Tracks." Get it???


Teddy McKay

The people were friendly and the store is fantastic!