Do you have one of the top 25 names in the country?  Did you know that your name could reveal your age? Statistician Nate Silver is at it again.  This time analyzing names and their correlation to birth dates.

It's a fascinating study of naming trends in the U.S. that breaks down names into female and male categories. My name, Sandra and Teddy's name, Edward are both in the top 25 of people who were alive as of January 1, 2014. The top three female names are Emily, Ashley & Sarah.  The top three male names are Joshua, Andrew & Matthew.  Is your name one of the top 25? And are you in median age range for your name?  We would love your feedback.  See the study at the fivethirtyeight website.

While on the subject of names, here are the most popular baby names for 2013.