One of my friends messaged me on Friday to say her husband told her to get in the car because he had a surprise for her. Let's just say, she's the happiest woman alive right now. Guys, take notes! 

Jenn L

It was a beautiful afternoon when my friend and her husband drove into Bug Light Park in South Portland. Blue skies, lush green grass, misty sea air and the soothing sounds of waves crashing steadily on the rocks around the park. When he told her to peek behind the seat and she saw the picnic basket a rush of happiness reminiscent to their engagement overtook her and she began to cry. What a beautifully romantic display of love that really isn't that hard and will leave your lady weak in the knees and you the stud of all men when she sings your praises to all her girlfriends. So here you go guys, here is a list of some of the best spots for a picnic near you.

Jenn L

BUG LIGHT PARK- South Portland, Maine- Portland Breakwater Lighthouse built in 1875 is a beautiful backdrop along with Fort Gorgeous and the distant city. Perfect grassy lawns abound to lay your blanket on and plenty of room to fly a kite or just kick back, stretch and read a book.

BRADBURY MOUNTAIN- Pownal, Maine- The summit and hike are quite easy and with beautiful views makes a perfect spot to sit pretty much anywhere for your picnic.

POPHAM BEACH STATE PARK- Phippsburg- Relaxing ocean waves and sandy beach  are perfect for the beach lover's picnic. The sea air and sounds make the perfect ambiance for a sunset meal but bring an umbrella if it's in the afternoon, there isn't a ton of shelter and you'll melt those chocolate covered strawberries (HINT!)

Top Picnic Foods-

Chicken Salad

Potato Salad

Sliced tomatos and cucumbers

Shrimp Cocktail


Cheeses and meats with olives

Wine, Iced Tea

*Don't forget the proper silverware, cups, napkins and paper towels for easy clean up.