You never know what to expect when you pop into coffee shop these days. Some unsuspecting Connecticut residents got a pleasant surprise the other day. Find out why!You're standing in line at Starbucks ordering you venti non-fat, no sugar, extra shot something or other and who pops into the store? Oh, just Taylor Swift. She was spotted at the Starbucks on Washington Avenue in North Haven on Thursday afternoon. She didn't say why she was in the area nor did she order a drink! Her bodyguard did..

Taylor has been breaking records the past few weeks since the release of her latest CD '1989.' It told over a million copies in it's first week alone. Only one other Cd sold that many copies in the past 2 years; the Frozen Movie Soundtrack. 1989 sold almost a half million in the second week and continues to fly out store shelves and online.

Just as her song "Shake it Off" smashes the #1 position on the pop music charts, Taylor hits with another pop music monster called Blank Space. Here's the video.

What would you do or say if Taylor Swift popped into a store where you were?