I am so touched by this story. Long lost lovers in a surprise reunion that will bring a tear to your eye. 

Is there one that got away for you? That love of your life where it never worked out but you never let go. Breaking up when you aren't out of love has to be the most tragic feeling next to death. How do you move forward without thinking and longing for that soulmate? Unfortunately, it happens every day. THIS however does not happen all the time. "The Artist Present" by Marina Abravnovic happened a few years ago in NYC. She sat for 700 hours at a table for one minute each, staring at people who waited for hours and even celebrities. She says nothing, closing her eyes in between each person. It's very deep and artsy. She had no idea the love of her life was going to show over 40 years later. They fell in love working together in Europe, for some reason had to break up even ending their relationship at The Great Wall of China. He started at one end, her at the other and meeting in the middle for last embrace. It inspired him to write this song and her reaction is beautiful.