Sunsets are probably one of my favorite things in the world. Especially when they are coupled with placid water, loon calls and a warm breeze. 

Okay, I wish I could paint this amazing picture of perfection for you but the truth is, there was no warm air and plenty of blood thirsty mosquitos. Looking at these pictures from my grandparent's home on Sebago you would never know it was anything but pleasant. Summer starts this Father's Day (Sunday) with lots of beautiful sunsets to see.



I love the pink and yellow mixing with blue...




I wish I had a kayak handy, the water was like glass, which if you are familiar with Sebago at all, you know is rare. Most of the time the lake is quite rough. I love these nights and even mornings in the Summer.




I just stood there for about fifteen minutes taking deep breaths and taking it all in. Isn't this what it's all about. The beauty of New England and yes i'm a bit partial to Maine. Feeling blessed to have grown up on this gorgeous lake.

I also noticed at Sebago Lake Lodge they are now selling lobster rolls. Located right near the bridge at the basin next to Richardson's Boat Yard. I haven't tested them out, but might be a nice treat to watch the sun set with one in hand. Quintessential Maine right there.

Sebago Lake sunset is currently at 8:27pm, so grab a bottle of wine a sweatshirt lol and take some deep breaths of this natural beauty.