As many of you know my 9 year old daughter directed a movie last year, and an overwhelming number of incredible people helped make it a reality. One of those amazing people was Bill McDonough, who played the Tooth Fairy.

Bill is an incredibly talented, funny and generous guy whose contributions to our community extend well beyond entertaining us in film and movies. So when I found out that Bill and his lovely Lady were in a car accident I was looking to help in whatever way I could.

While they did not suffer serious injuries, the car who hit them did not have insurance and therefore the full financial burden has fallen on Bill. This means that without a way to recover his losses from insurance he would not have a reliable form of transportation, and that puts his job in jeopardy.

My dear friend Beth has created an indiegogo Life campaign for Bill to help him obtain reliable transportation. Bill had no knowledge she was planning this, but she hits the nail on the head in her description on the donation page.

"We're a community - a family. And families are meant to hold each other up, without having to be asked."

I couldn't have said it better myself. If you'd like to help out the "Tooth Fairy" please visit the page below