Using a snowblower is the preferred method of snow removal for many. There's less exertion than shoveling, and it cleans up your driveway so nicely! However, it isn't without it's risks.

Snowblower safety:

  • Keep your hands away from moving parts. always!
  • Never refuel your blower when it is turned on, always turn it off to refill it.
  • If the blower jams, turn it off.
  • Pushing heavy snow with a blower can cause injury if you are out of shape or an older person.
  • Cold is a factor when snow blowing, it makes your blood clot more easily,constricts arteries and decreases blood supply. Cold temperatures also increase heart rate and blood pressure. These facts apply to healthy people as well.
  • Be aware of the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning and never run a snowblower in an enclosed space.

Your health is not worth a cleared driveway!